Incognito Series Megabook Volume I Karen Wiesner


Published: May 1st 2009

Kindle Edition

953 pages


Incognito Series Megabook Volume I  by  Karen Wiesner

Incognito Series Megabook Volume I by Karen Wiesner
May 1st 2009 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 953 pages | ISBN: | 9.22 Mb

THREE COMPLETE NOVELS, ONE MEGABOOK SERIES LOW PRICE! The first three thrilling novels in the award-winning Romantic Suspense Incognito Series from Bestselling author Karen Wiesner, including: NO ORDINARY LOVE: A woman without a past. A man without explanations. Their love has no beginning.

No end...? Kira Gunn, 25-year-old wunderkind, remembers nothing about her life before 31-year-old Vincent Carson. He’s been her guardian, her protector, her business partner and her passion for 15 years, yet he remains an enigma who seems to exist solely to give her everything she wants and needs. Who is he? Where did he come from? Who is she and where did she come from? Kira has become the sole reason for Vincent’s existence since the moment her vulnerable, trusting child eyes met his own.

As Kira struggles with unseen demons, Vincent fiercely guards the truth, even as his own heart takes the wounds of her battle. She wants the one thing he can never give her. To seek out the truth of her past would be to put both of their lives in danger...and could mean losing the only thing in the world that matters to Vincent—Kira’s love.UNTIL DEATH DO US PART: Network operatives Kirsten Ulrick and Ash Barnett have sacrificed their personal identities to live in the shadows and uphold justice for all—no matter the cost.Captain Shannon McKee has restored order to the Network, a covert government agency.

However, corrupt former Head of Operations, Giles Jameson is MIA, intent on destroying the reporters who uncovered his corruption. Operatives Kirsten Ulrick and Ash Barnett go undercover to protect Raven Harris and her husband from their seemingly invisible enemy.When Raven and Casey Harris lost their child to a supposed accident, they lost their marriage as well. Raven and Casey live together as guilt-ridden strangers, afraid to love and trust each other again...and just as afraid to let go of the bond they once shared.

When Raven’s life is threatened because of evidence she and her partner uncovered on a dangerously corrupt man of power, and old, unhealed wounds are pierced again, Raven and Casey must renew their vows or let go forever...dead or alive.Ash and Kirsten accept that they can’t protect the Harris’ without becoming involved in their lives, but seeing the couples’ pain reflects their own private torment.

For them, there is no life and no love, only duty.BOUNTY ON THE REBEL’S HEART: Rebel Porter is a man on the edge. His wife was killed to silence evidence he uncovered on a dangerously corrupt man of power. Now Reb is in hiding, and he’s as afraid to lose someone else to the bounty on his head as to lose his heart to another woman. Corrupt head of Network operations, Giles Jameson has gone MIA. As a boy, he’d been brought in with the choice: join or die. Giles joined, vowing secretly to bring down the Network. Working with an organized crime ring, Giles had killed a senator. The son of that senator was Rebel Porter, who grew up to be an investigative reporter who spent his life searching for Giles and the covert organization he believed he headed.

When Reb disclosed his findings on public radio, Giles covered up the breach and silenced Reb by arranging to have his wife killed. Now 16 years later, Giles has begun his life-long mission to destroy the Network for good.Network operative Natalie Francis goes undercover, posing as Reb’s former lover—investigative journalist Adrienna Kelly—to find Reb and his evidence against Giles Jameson and the Network.

Together they uncover a conspiracy that could upset the wrong people and silence both of them for good. And, when Natalie realizes she’s fallen for the man she’d been protecting, she considers the impossible—escaping the Network. Genre: Romance/Suspense/Thriller

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