The Execution Of Private Slovik William Bradford Huie

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The Execution Of Private Slovik  by  William Bradford Huie

The Execution Of Private Slovik by William Bradford Huie
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Eddie Slovik was born to a Polish-American family in Detroit. He was arrested several times: the 1st time, when 12, occurred when he & friends broke into a foundry to steal brass. Between 32 & 37, he was caught for petty theft, breakingMoreEddie Slovik was born to a Polish-American family in Detroit. He was arrested several times: the 1st time, when 12, occurred when he & friends broke into a foundry to steal brass. Between 32 & 37, he was caught for petty theft, breaking & entering & disturbing the peace. In 37, he was sent to jail & paroled in 38.

After stealing & crashing a car with two friends while drunk, he returned to jail in 39.Slovik was paroled in 42 & obtained work at Montella Plumbing in Dearborn. There he met Antoinette Wisniewski, whom he wed on 11/42. They lived with her parents. His criminal record had led him to be classified as 4F, but shortly after his 1st wedding anniversary, he was reclassified 1A & drafted.Slovik arrived at Camp Wolters, TX for basic on 1/24/44. In August, he was dispatched to France. Arriving on 8/20, he was one of 12 reinforcements assigned to Company G of the 109th Infantry Regiment, 28th Infantry Div.Enroute to his unit, Slovik & a friend, Private John Tankey, took cover during an artillery attack & lost their detachment.

The next morning, they found a Canadian MP unit & remained with them for 6 weeks. Tankey wrote to their regiment to explain their absence before they reported for duty on 10/7. No charges were filed.The next day, Slovik told company commander, Capt. Ralph Grotte, he was too scared to serve in a rifle company & requested reassignment to the rear. He said hed run away if assigned to a rifle unit & asked if that was desertion. Grotte confirmed it was & refused his request, assigning him to a rifle platoon.The next day, 10/9, Slovik approached an MP & gave him a note stating his intention to run away if sent to combat.

He was brought before Lt. Col. Ross Henbest, who offered him opportunity to tear up the note & face no further charges. He refused & wrote another note, stating he understood what he was doing & its consequences.Slovik was taken into custody & confined. Lt. Col. Henry Summer, divisional judge advocate, offered him an opportunity to rejoin his unit & have charges suspended.

He also offered transfer to another infantry regiment. Slovik declined, saying, Ive made up my mind. Ill take my court martial.The 28th was scheduled to attack Hurtgen Forest. The attack was common knowledge. Casualties were expected to be high. Men indicated they preferred to be imprisoned rather than remain in combat & rates for desertion & other crimes had risen.Slovik was charged with desertion to avoid hazardous duty & court martialed on 11/11/44.

The prosecutor, Capt. John Green, presented witnesses to whom Slovik had stated his intention to run away. Defense counsel, Capt. Edward Woods, announced that Slovik had elected not to testify. The 9 court officers found him guilty & sentenced him to death. The sentence was approved by the divisional commander, Maj. Gen. Norman Cota.On 12/9, Slovik wrote a letter to Supreme Allied commander, Gen.

Dwight Eisenhower, pleading for clemency. Desertion had become a problem. Eisenhower confirmed the order on 12/23. The execution by firing squad happened on 1/31/45, near Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines. He was 24.Slovik was buried in Plot E of Oise-Aisne American Cemetery & Memorial in Fère-en-Tardenois, alongside 96 other US soldiers executed for crimes such as murder & rape.

Black headstones bear numbers without names, so its impossible to identify them without knowing the key. In 87, Sloviks remains were returned to Detroit & reburied in Woodmere Cemetery, next to his wife, who died in 79. Sloviks wife & others have petitioned 7 presidents, but hes unpardoned.Sloviks execution was the basis for a 54 book by Wm Bradford Huie, made into a 74 TV movie starring Martin Sheen, entitled The Execution of Private Slovik.

His death by 12 sharpshooters & Eisenhowers execution orders are also portrayed in a scene of the 63 film The Victors.In 60, Frank Sinatra announced hed produce a movie entitled The Execution of Private Slovik to be written by blacklisted Hollywood 10 screenwriter Albert Maltz.

This announcement had him accused of being a Communist sympathizer. As Sinatra was campaigning for Kennedy for president, the campaign prevailed upon him to cancel.Kurt Vonnegut mentions Sloviks execution in Slaughterhouse Five. Vonnegut also wrote a companion libretto to Stravinskys LHistoire du Soldat or A Soldiers Tale which tells his story.

He also appears in Nick Arvins 2005 novel Articles of War in which the protagonist, Private George Tilson, is one of the members of his firing squad.

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